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Physical Therapy


Many patients’ symptoms are treated based on the symptoms without the underlying cause of the problem being properly understood. An individual’s movement complaint should be broken down finding the region and structure involved and resolving the symptoms by working on the impairments found from the evaluation. This relieves the functional and structural pathological stresses causing the patients symptoms. We educate our patients regarding their condition, treatment, and changes to lifestyle. This empowers the patient to continue to manage their condition once that have completed therapy. Orthopedic Spine and Sports Therapy offers custom fit orthotics, that are casted by a licensed physical therapist.

If you would like some further information on the more common injuries or complaints visit the Patient Education page.  For more information contact one of Our Locations for a FREE 15-Min Consultation with one of our therapists. Patients who wish to maintain the progress they made during physical therapy or individuals wishing to improve their health, we offer our Fitness Classes, which will bridge the gap for whatever level of wellness you are looking for.  For the most up to date information, and scheduling, contact one of Our Locations.

We offer different types of memberships from working out independently to having an exercise program designed specifically for you, or working one on one with someone during each visit. With all memberships there will be someone here to supervise you and be available for you to ask questions about exercises.